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Welcome to all fans of Progress! Once again, I would like to thank you for stopping by and reading a little bit more about the story.



I was born and raised in Minnesota. In the winters, I love the snow but hate the cold. In the summers, I love the sun but hate the heat. Some of my favorite things to do involve a pack of cigarettes, a cool evening and an excellent cup of coffee. And I’m always up for good conversation.

I am a stay at home mom, and even though sometimes I complain, I love all the chaos! I used to be the kind of person who kept the house spotless and yelled at my husband for not replacing the roll of toilet paper. But after two kids, those days are long gone. My kids are the world to me, and I hate that they’re growing up so fast.

If you have any specific questions for me, please feel free to email me at amyjq@comcast.net.



I wrote the first draft of Progress within six weeks after my daughter was born in May, 2012.

I failed several high school English classes and barely graduated on time.

I fell off a bicycle in the fifth grade and received 23 stitches.

I had a crush on 65% of the males in my graduating class.

I went to college (and graduated) for graphic design.

I still secretly think that there are monsters under my bed, putting my feet up BEFORE I turn the light off.

My husband’s name is Vince. I have a son named Vincent and a daughter named Yvette. Saba Lou is my dog.

I’ve been married since 2007.

I live in the same house I was raised in.

I’ve read less than twenty books, for fun, my entire life.

Progress is the first book I’ve ever written.


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