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Ten minutes into the car ride home, Charlie spoke the first words. “I want you to start taking your meds.”

“What?” he asked, jerking his head toward her. Are you kidding me?

“Would you like me to repeat myself?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s none of your business whether I take my meds or not.”

“You’re right, it isn’t. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that it’s rude of me to mention. I’m assuming that your asinine behavior back there has something to do with your daddy issues and your mania. Right, I’m way off base thinking you need anti-psychotic medication; it’s absurd.”

He shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest.

“God, you really are still a little boy sometimes, aren’t you? Just man up and take them. At least then we can rule out any further outbursts, like the one I just witnessed, on the lack of you being able to control your temper unmedicated.”

“Well, too bad. I don’t have any. I ran out a few months ago.”

Charlie nodded and smiled. “Well then, I think it’s time you call your doctor.”

“Fuck you, Charlie.”

She laughed and turned into the parking lot. “If you think I’m going to spend another minute with you when you’re off your meds, think again.” She parked the car and Jesse hopped out immediately, trying to walk away from the conversation.

Stepping out of the car, she grabbed her purse and quickened her steps to catch up with him. “Don’t be such a baby about this, Jess.” She grabbed his arm and he jerked it away, stopping in the middle of the hallway.

“Don’t fucking touch me, bitch.”

She pushed him up against the wall in vengeful retaliation. His back bounced against the sheetrock and he let out a grunt. Her eyes were a fierce blue and she showed no remorse for cracking his head against the wall.

Placing her forearm over his chest, she whispered softly, “That’s the last time you call me a bitch. Are we understood?” Her temper cool and collected, she remained calm, allowing her words to drip with sensuality. “The immature, cocky bullshit may have worked a year ago when we both had the excuse of having minimal experience with people, but that ship has fucking sailed.” Jesse’s eyes widened in shock at the seduction in her voice. “The deal is this: you’re a danger to society, a goddamned head case. And if you’re a danger to society, then you’re a danger to me. And I just won’t have that, Jess.” Her mouth was now dangerously close to his, and Jesse could feel his erection brush against her thigh. She looked down, grinned and let her fingernails lightly scrape the hair under his navel. “I’ve got two weeks’ vacation coming up,” she continued in a whisper, toying with his bottom lip, “and I was hoping we could spend some of that time together. Would you like that? Would you like to see more of me, Jess?”

Shit. This girl is crazier than me.

He swallowed and felt his jeans constrict as Charlie’s eyes flickered down to his lips. She brushed her nose against his labret as her warm breath circled around his neck.

Oh, god.

She smiled, pulled away, and walked down the hall toward her front door. “Think about it, Jess.” She waved her hand in the air behind her. “Have a good night!” she called out, followed up with a laugh.

I know I don’t usually post about other books on my blog,
but I wanted as many people to know about a book I read recently,
Odium by Claire C. Riley.


USA Amazon Link

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Odium Synopsis

It’s better to die by the gun than die by the dead.

Nina’s life was irrevocably changed when humanity’s dead began to rise.
Now, she lives behind the walls.

The barricaded cities, erected by the government to protect the remnants of civilization, have become a brutal dictatorship- causing the inhabitants within to starve, steal and claw for survival. Life behind the walls has become as terrifying as roaming the zombie-ridden landscape beyond.
Citizens trade what they can to gain food, water, and shelter. Nina has only one currency—her body and she is tired of submitting herself to the greedy hands of the self-proclaimed leaders.
An opportunity to escape presents itself in the fate of a young girl named Emily-Rose. For the price of a stale piece of bread, she is set for banishment from the city, and most likely a horrific death at the hands of the deaders. Nina tells herself that it is sympathy and not self-preservation that makes her follow the young girl out of the walled metropolis, and into the overgrown world beyond.
Unused to fighting the deaders, Nina tries to scrounge for her survival and against her better judgment, begins to care for Emily-Rose. However, when you have a bread-stealing liability providing your only back up, survival seems even tougher. Nina is forced to fight for their lives, and with every zombie slain, she becomes fiercer, faster – a grim reaper with her not-so-sharp butcher’s knife.
Along the path to a safe-haven that might not exist, Nina and Emily-Rose meet Mikey who introduces them to a new life they could not imagine, a life above the ground. However, this new world brings new dangers, and darker shadows than she knew.
Nina finds out that the deaders aren’t the only thing to fear beyond the wall.
And that fear will not be ignored, or Forgotten.

My review


Odium is the continuance of Life Ever After: Nina’s Story, a novella found in Fusion (a collection of short stories from genres including: science fiction, horror, crime, and romance). After reading about Nina’s zombie adventures in Life Ever After, I was very eager to begin Odium. And I can tell you that I was not disappointed.

(DISCLAIMER: You do not need to read Life Ever After to enjoy Odium, but I guarantee you that you’ll want to read Nina’s back-story.)

One of the very best things about Miss Riley’s work is her sense of humor. Written in first person, present tense from Nina’s POV, we get to experience how Nina begins as a bit of a shallow individual, consumed with time and money but morphs into a survivor. I really connected with Nina and found myself experiencing an apocalyptic event along side her.

Along with her wit, this author has yet again taken me on another eye-opening, profound, funny, sarcastic, and creative joyride! There were so many pages in this book that I was angry at my own eyes for not being able to read fast enough!

I didn’t know how well I’d like this book and went in with a very critical eye. But I found absolutely nothing (not a single character, scene or ZOMBIE) that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. Even the characters I was supposed to hate, I loved. 5 Big FAT stars for this book! I’m so happy I’ve found Miss Riley’s work.

Claire profile

Claire C Riley, is a mother first, a wife second, but a writer at heart.

Her first novel Limerence is a dark paranormal romance. Claire likes to break boundaries with her writing, incorporating an old school style of horror and romance. Sexy and dark. (Think Bram Stokers Dracula, but for the 21st century!)

Claire’s current novel is a dystopian post-apocalyptic zombie novel called- Odium, and it focuses on survival, and how it would change us.
She has also written a short story, which is a prequel to Odium called Life Ever After. Nina’s story: Part one. It is in an anthology named Fusion, along with some other great indie authors. So if you enjoy Odium, go and pick up Fusion and get to know a little bit more about the main character.
She is currently working on the sequel to Limerence named Limerence II: Mia and a horror thriller novel titled Chance Encounters.
Claire is an avid reader of all genres, a book collector, general procrastinator and has a great zombie apocalypse plan in place thanks to a questionnaire she asked her readers to fill in for her.
She can be stalked at any of the following.

Purchasing links

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NEW COVERS for Progress and Interrupted!

For anyone who missed the cover reveal of Progress and Interrupted – you can see them here! xx


There are also excerpts from Rewired linked to my facebook page. The book is currently in a beta read and I’m hearing some amazing feedback! I CAN’T WAIT for you all to read it!

Taking trips back and forth, Sam gathered the rest of his belongings from his car, passing Gabe making out with an unknown brunette on the couch. He ignored the couple and got to work setting up his easel in his room.

He carefully taped the edges of a new piece of canvas paper. His homemade charcoal was reserved for certain projects, using them for the drawings he knew would always be special and portray the heaviest of emotion. He would add watercolor later, but for now he’d work on Charlie’s face.

With each soft stroke, he focused on harnessing the beauty of her profile. Remembering to include the tiny beauty mark under her lip and the perfect downward swoop at the tip of her nose, her hair dark, shaded and soft, Sam made sure he used the smearing pencils and worked the highlights perfectly. He took his time, precious time he knew he shouldn’t be spending on this. But his forever had now changed, leaving him to constantly question the things to which he didn’t have the answers. Drawing Charlie was the perfect distraction, yet the perfect way to excuse away his thoughts of her.

He dipped the paintbrush into the blob of red paint on his palette, mixing it with the perfect amount of water. Testing the hue on a separate piece of canvas paper, he swiped the brush twice and removed the excess red. He wanted to make the coloring as soft as possible, truly executing her glow and velvety skin.

The entire piece would end up in tones of scarlet, rose, peach, and gold. It somehow represented all the things about her: her naivety, her patience, her selflessness, her timidity, her strength, her goddess, her mind, and her soul. Her posture was slightly slouched, the way she always sat on their bed on lazy Sunday afternoons, trying to act as though it didn’t bother her that parts of her body were exposed; fighting with the thought of grabbing the sheet to cover herself. Her arms were strategically placed to cover one of her breasts, with her fingers wrapped around her ankle. Legs in front of her and knees bent, she tried disguising her torso. And with her head down, a shy smile covered her blushing face.

It was perfect.

And it was everything Sam missed about her.

Nine hours after he began, he stripped off the masking tape and set the canvas flat to dry. Leaning over the bed, Sam stared at his painting from above, able to watch her again when she was unaware. Allowing himself to stare through her – at all the precious things about her – without caring who would judge him for admitting he was still wildly in love with this woman.

He dropped to his knees and buried his head in his hands, trying to keep his desperate sobs silent so that Gabe wouldn’t hear.

Birthday Surprise!

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In celebration of my 36th birthday today, I wanted to thank all you devoted readers by surprising you with an early gift.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy!

In celebration of its sequel’s release in 1 WEEK, Progress will be on sale for 99 cents until the end of July! DON’T MISS OUT on what blogs are calling “A MUST READ SERIES!”

 Progress: Interrupted (Book #2 in The Progress Series)

After the emotional turmoil that was ‘Jesse’ subsides, Charlie manages to find peace with her decision to leave him, despite her conscience telling her otherwise. But saying goodbye to the drama proves to be an easier task than she anticipated.

And although Charlie’s life continues to test her strength, her will, and her motivation to pick herself up and dust herself off, she carves a new path. Making positive changes in her life, she gets a new job, a new apartment and a new guy; everything is nearly perfect. Nearly.

Hundreds of miles away, Jesse isn’t faring too well in their aftermath. But within his darkness he finds a purpose, and reconstructs himself with one goal in mind:

He needs to find his Charlie.


“…Interrupted pulled every emotion out for me. I was happy, sad, angry, laughing, crying…What a rollercoaster. This was definitely one of my top reads for 2013.”
-Author Missy Johnson

“…I felt anger, sadness, happiness, frustration. Just like with Progress, Amy Queau has wrote a compelling and original book…”
-Author Claire C Riley

“…I recommend this when it is officially released, you may want a lot of tissues at hand though…”
-Author Mercy Cortez

“Author Amy Queau has done it again! You have created an amazing emotional story. I can’t wait to see what is in store next for Jesse & Charlie. I am such a BIG FAN!!!! Book three can’t come soon enough! THIS IS A MUST READ SERIES!!!”
-Jessica’s Book Review

“While Progress was good, this one is even better. I devoured this book!”
-KDH Reviews


To read more reviews on Goodreads, follow the link below:

            “We have unfinished business,” Jesse said. “You know that, right?”

            She swallowed and, keeping her eyes on the table, she nodded.

            She glanced up at him and saw sadness in his eyes. It was the first time since he had returned that she saw the reasons she adored him: his vulnerability, his inability to communicate his emotions accurately, and his sheer, simplistic beauty. Everything else was always so complex; he always had a thousand words about his day, his bike, his girls and his music, but when it came to Charlie and the way she made him feel, he was a little boy trying to sound it out. He could never quite come up with what to say, or figure out when to say it. But when Charlie stared down at this table, emotions stirred more than any words, phrases or sentences could describe.

            I think the room is spinning.

            “I’m going home now, Jess. I just came to make sure you were okay.”

            Just as she was closing his door, she heard him murmur, “You should have done that a year ago, Charlie.”

“Kiss me,” she said as soon as the elevator doors closed.

“What?” he said, as though he was uneasy with the request.

“I said, kiss me. This was a really big moment for me, and you’re ruining it by hesitating. I want a kiss. We can deal with the two of us later. Just kiss me,” she demanded again.

His frown eased into a smile as he quickly leaned down to kiss her. With one hand behind her neck, he pulled her mouth to his. Helping the adrenaline slow in her system, Charlie melted at the touch of his soft lips. Fearing what might happen if she allowed herself to lose herself completely, she pulled away and smiled.

“Thank you. Next time, don’t hesitate.”

He let out a laugh as the doors opened.


            “It’s been a big weekend for you,” Samuel said as Charlie was lighting her cigarette.

“It has,” she paused, thinking of what the scene upstairs must have looked like to him. “I’m so sorry you had to see that up there. I mean, I don’t think I would have been able to go through with it if it wasn’t for you, but there’s just a lot of history there that might have been difficult for you to understand.”

“Because of me? How did I help you get through it?” he said.

She shrugged. “You helped me in a way I don’t think I can ever put into words. Just by being there, you helped me.”

He nodded, pretending he understood. Then he shook his head quickly. “What are we doing, Charlie? I mean, what is going on? I’m a little confused.”

“Okay, so I haven’t done a ton of thinking about this yet. I was trying to get through one thing at a time, and honestly, the Percocet has been messing with my coherency. But, I know we can figure out something.”

He nodded.

“Do you have any ideas?” she said.

“Well, I had one, very flimsy idea, but I hadn’t decided if I wanted to tell you about it.”

“Tell me.”


“No?” she said.

“Nuh uh.”

She laughed, “Tell me.”

“Well, since I just escaped a very long, very shitty relationship, and you initially wanted to take things slow and are obviously going to need some time to heal…” he stopped, taking a deep breath in and exhaling again, “I thought maybe we could just choose a time frame, say two months, before we do anything physical. You know, like, physical.” The pain of that sentence alone left its remnants on his face.

“Oh,” she whispered.

“Yeah, see? See why I didn’t want to mention it?”

Floating in the ocean is supposed to be peaceful. Not today. If I pull my head under again, it might just take me this time. God, I wish it would. Here comes another wave. If I’m lucky I won’t see tomorrow. I won’t have to live with the regret and painful nostalgia that comes with sleepless nights and immeasurable days. I can just float, forever, away from this town. Eventually something will kill me. The wave came down, slapping him in the face and his lungs took in an enormous amount of water. I can’t breathe. This is the end.

Jesse woke with the image of a piece of driftwood floating away as he opened his eyes. Eleven months after leaving Minnesota and nothing had changed. The nightmares; some new, some old. The anxiety, paranoia, and depression; always changing and in rapid cycles. It could take minutes or days to switch, without warning.

As Jesse looked around his room, his eyes went straight to the window; ignoring the unpacked boxes in the corner and his drum set that he never assembled. There was still a smoky haze from the night before as a reminder to look beside him to make sure she was gone.

Damn. She’s still here. I obviously didn’t make myself clear enough last night.

Stretching her arms and arching her back, the sheet that had been covering her naked body was freed, exposing her breasts.

“Good morning, gorgeous,” she said yawning. His eyes shifted down to her dark nipples and he looked away.

“Get out,” he said.

She stopped mid-stretch. “Wow. Okay.” Whipping the sheet back and rolling her eyes, she rose and looked around for her clothes. Lying naked in his bed, he kept his focus on the overflowing ashtray on his bedside table. Picking up her scattered clothes from around the room, she began dressing herself.

“Cool ink,” she said, trying to make small talk.

He rolled his eyes and went to light a cigarette.

“Where’d you get the frog?” she asked, tying the laces of her tennis shoes.

“Why are you still here?” he said. He stood to get a clean pair of boxer briefs.

“You’re just delightful,” she huffed. “Fine. I’m ready. You can take me back to my car, it’s parked at the restaurant,” she said, finally taking the hint.

“Not my problem,” he said, pulling his briefs over his hips and running his hand through his hair.

“You’re not even going to give me a ride!…Oh, never mind. I’ll walk. Really, Jesse, it’s been fun. Dickhead,” she said walking toward the door.

As she was about to cross the threshold she turned back to him. “Oh, and my name is Carly, not Charlie, asshole. Next time you take your next victim home, make sure you have her name right. It makes for an awkward fuck.”

My writer friend, Claire C Riley, recently tagged me for a ‘chain’ blog entitled ‘The Next Big Thing’. The deal is: I answer a few questions about my current work-in-progress, then I invite other authors to do the same. A bit like a chain letter, except it is only focused on an author’s work-in-progress. Claire C Riley was tagged previously by Karen Perkins.

Check out Claire’s website here:

I’ve included details of their blogs so you can explore their answers to the questions. The authors I’ve chosen have been tagged below my answers.

So here goes:

*What is the working title of your next book?* Interrupted

*Where did the idea come from for the book?* It is the second book in a series of 3 called, The Progress Series. I always knew there would be a second, but I have decided there should be a third as well. Progress was based on a true story, but Interrupted only came about when fans were demanding more of Charlie and Jesse. So, I had to figure out how to become a romance novelist, and fast!

*What genre does your book fall under?* Psychologcial Fiction, Romance Suspense, Women’s Fiction

*What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?* Okay, so I honestly had to research this one. Since I haven’t watched a movie in its entirety since 2008, I had no idea who was out there that could portray the characters. So, based on looks alone, I would say Kat Dennings (Charlie) and Alex Pettyfer (Jesse).

*Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?* Self-published. I’m hoping to have it complete and LIVE on Amazon before September 2013.

* How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript? I am still working on it. I started in January 2013. I have the first beta read scheduled for mid May, 2013.

*What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?* I’ve never heard of anyone comparing my writing or my story to any other. However, some have compared it to the movie, Good Will Hunting.

*Who or what inspired you to write this book?* Long ago, I weighed over 400 pounds, and successfully lost well over 200 of them. I was looking for the motivation I had back then to lose a few pounds after the birth of my daughter and ran across an album by Rx Bandits titled, Progress. I used to listen to the album, when I would exercise. As soon as I hit play on the CD player, all of the memories of that time in my life came flooding back. I was compelled to sit down and write about it.

* What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?* A few surprises, good and bad, are in store for Charlie. She is the focus of Interrupted along with the start of a new, positive chapter in her life. It’s really about her trying to find her happiness with the a new love interest, Samuel. But, old wounds prove harder to mend than she expected.

Thanks for reading! As always, feel free to contact me at Check out the authors I’ve tagged below!

The authors I’ve invited to join in the fun are:
1.Missy Johnson
2.Angel Lepire

The fury was bubbling slowly, deep in his veins, as he watched Charlie walk through his bedroom door. He stood in awe, and walked to the window to glance out at the driveway where her car was parked. He listened carefully for the front door, to hear her footsteps returning, anything that would give him a hint that she’d changed her mind.

Come back to me. You can’t do this.

The small clock on his nightstand echoed with each tick, making the room feel smaller and his anticipation rise. He heard a jingle and a quiet click from downstairs. The silence crept up the stairwell, through the hallway and into his room. Even then, a part of him still denied that Charlie had left him.

He closed his eyes and exhaled.

He heard the muffled sound of her car door closing and the start of her engine. Glancing out the window in disbelief, he saw her pause for a moment. After lighting a cigarette, she stepped on the gas.

Jesse was fueled with hatred. He had trusted the wrong one. After finally gaining the courage it took to confide and respect someone, she left him. Just like the rest of them.

He threw on a pair of sweats and made his way down to the kitchen. He opened the cupboard and took out his medication. Staring into the palm of his hand at an assortment of pills, he froze as his mind raced about Charlie.

How could she do this? Is this more of our fucking game? Does she expect me to come running after her? No. She knows me better than that. See, I told you. You just had to go and fuck her. You knew everything would change, and yet, what? You hoped. You hoped she’d want to see who you really are? You hoped she’d accept you for all your flaws, scars, moods? You hoped she was different?

You hoped.

This snuck up on me.

Fuck hope. Hope is for the weak-minded. And fuck Charlie! Who does that? Who just gets up and leaves when someone is about to bare their fucking soul?

No, fuck Charlie. FUCK YOU, CHARLIE!

Jesse threw his medication across the room and began ripping the cabinets off their hinges. One by one, he wrestled and whipped across the room. They banged the bookshelves and shattered the windows. In his menacing rage, verging on madness, he began kicking and punching walls, ripping the curtains off the windows and overturning tables just to hear them crack on the floor. There was screeching in his ears and his head began to ache. He walked swiftly to the bookshelf and plucked off the remaining books, ripping out the pages by the handful and tossing the crippled bindings against the wall.

He stepped back and glanced around the room. Not a single moment of regret passed through him when he saw the disaster before him. The walls were chipped and broken. Framed pictures were tilted and the glass was in pieces. The cold spring air was rushing in through the broken window frames, cooling the room quickly, which only made the scorching blood traveling through his veins tolerable.

He stood, trying to focus one thought. Any thought. Something that could erase all the damage that had spun from the past two hours. He ran upstairs and stood in the entryway, staring into his bedroom. She was here. She was here just a moment ago. And now you’ve lost her. He stepped to the edge of his bed, looking down at the messed sheets. Picking up a pillow, he buried his face into it and breathed in deeply. That damn perfume. Hugging the pillow to his waste, he grabbed his chest and sunk; his knees collapsed to the floor.

He sat slouched, resting his hands on his knees. Staring into a sea of dirty clothes and loose change that littered his carpet, he tried to make sense of Charlie’s motivations.

“I’ll never be able to be everything you need me to be. And that’s okay. I just needed to be here for you. Your friend, your lover. Your confidante. I wouldn’t change a single moment of it. But you need to realize that love is more than just obsession wrapped up in a tiny, dancing brunette package.”

He glanced down at his tattoo on his forearm and traced the lines with his finger. His thoughts slowed and his mind emptied. He grabbed his hair and slumped his head between his knees.

“What the fuck!” Jesse’s head shot up when he heard Jake’s voice from downstairs.

Jesse rose quickly and grabbed a T-shirt from the floor. Pulling it over his head, he paused at his torso with a thought.

“Jesse Fucking Anders! Where the fuck are you? I’m going to kick your ass!” Jake’s voice rumbled through the hallway and Jesse grabbed his shoes and keys.

“I’m here,” Jesse said, quickly stepping down from the stairs.

Jake was standing in the middle of the living room assessing the damage.

“You want to explain this to me? What the hell happened here?”

“Not now. I gotta go,” Jesse said.

“What? No. You’re not going anywhere until you tell me who trashed my dad’s house,” Jake said, his face turning red.

“I did.”

Jake’s eyes opened wide and his mouth hung open as Jesse approached the front door.

“That’s all you’re going to say? No explanation?”

“Not now, I have to take care of something,” he said as he opened the door.

“Okay. Fine. That’s the way it’s gonna be? You’ve got one week to find a new place to live!” Jake shouted through the door just as Jess shut it behind him.


It’s one of those moments. It’s a moment so fragile, that if I move or speak, the whole thing will collapse. So I’ll just sit here, in this dirty chair, in a place that shouldn’t be open at midnight, and listen to the buzz vibrating in my head. I’ll listen to the screech of the needle as it collides with the layers of my skin, giving me a different kind of hope. One that I can make myself.

Taking a drink straight from the bottle, Jesse welcomed the physical pain he was enduring in order for the clawing in his gut to ease.

Follow the link below to read more about the creative process behind Progress! An interview with the talented Claire C Riley and Amy Queau.


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I seriously have the best fans in the world! You guys make my day, everyday.

I wanted to welcome all the newcomers from email followers, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr! If you haven’t already, join the conversation on Facebook – I do the majority of correspondence there – – and as always, please feel free to ask me any questions you might have on Progress, or the next novel in the series, Interrupted.
Also, I am looking for beta readers after I’ve completed the entire first draft, so please, message me if you’re interested.

Much Much Love,

Amy Queau (pronounced like the letter “Q”) 😉


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Progress is written to show realistic viewpoints of two characters, Charlie and Jesse, who meet at the restaurant where they work. Charlie is someone who is used to being alone with her fears of her past and her future. Jesse, a victim all his life, chooses to ignore his fears in order to survive every day. There is an intrigue as Charlie sees in him the person she longs to be; no regrets, no promises and no explanations.

The book is written from three points of view. In Part 1, we get to know Charlie. She is smart, nurturing and witty. The physical reaction she gets from seeing Jesse for the first time carries her lust and obsession throughout the book. As their friendship progresses, more of Jesse’s secrets from his past begin to surface, along with an explanation for his moods and reactions.

Charlie is obese. The relationship that is formed between these two characters gives her motivation to lose weight and give her further insight into her own hopes for the woman she fantasizes about being. She has been a victim of ridicule her entire life. In the deepest crevices of her mind and self-esteem, she knows she’s capable of crawling out of her self-loathing to become a part of a life where she’s strong, smart and beautiful.

Charlie and Jesse’s friendship picks up pace, as does her loyalty in wanting to help him. With his erratic behavior and craving for trouble, Charlie occupies much of his time keeping his disturbances to a minimum.

Part II is written from Jesse’s point of view. You gather more of an insight as to what goes through his mind; his bipolar disorder, his foster families and his biological parents along with the death of his sister. His highs are extreme and the lows take him to a darkness that cripples his senses.

Enjoying very few things in his life that are constructive; mountain biking, writing music and visits with a past foster mother, he tries to carve a path that’s worthy of following. After a return visit from an ex-girlfriend, trips to his Psychiatrist, and inviting Charlie to a family reunion, Jesse regains his focus and attempts to determine a direction for success in his work and a life with Charlie. She succeeds in ripping Jesse out of his depression and lifts him up enough to regain a kind of hope.

His appreciation for her discretion, her weight loss and the attention she begins receiving from other men fuel his desire for her. The sexual tension between the two of them increases as she admits that she has her first boyfriend.

In Part III, you get to read from the narrator’s perspective in present tense. Time after time, Charlie is forced to confront her emotional issues with touch, as Jesse wants to soothe them. He thrusts into admitting he wants a relationship with her and attempts to bury wounds that have stopped him from getting into one since his ex-girlfriend.

The reader’s predictions about their future together are answered and the conclusions they come to aren’t as expected, giving the ending a sharp twist.

Progress takes an honest look at Bipolar Disorder, depression, low self-esteem and abuse. This book can be categorized as Psychological Fiction, Contemporary Romance and Commercial Women’s Fiction.


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Jessica’s Book Reviews:

KDH Reviews:

“Progress, a newly released novel by Amy Queau, is now available on download on Amazon Kindle. It is the first book in a promising series of psychological romance. The novel successfully explores complex issues of what appears to be a dysfunctional relationship between shy, but smart, and funny young woman Charlene, who is trying to lose weight and gain self confidence and a handsome womanizer Jesse with a troubled past, who is used to getting his way.Tired of being ridiculed for her weight throughout her years in school, Charlene does not trust men, but hopelessly falls for Jesse, who has no remorse or empathy for women. Readers will not be disappointed to find out what hides behind behaviors of both characters but it will not be an easy ride. Unlike a traditional novel of this genre, Progress incorporates elements of suspense and psychological thriller, leaving a reader unable to put the book down. The novel has it all: sex, drugs, alcohol, lies, and betrayal. It also includes unexpected change of characters, smart humor and unconventional, eye opening scenes and experiences.

Queau is a new writer who has done a remarkable job creating characters that are not only troubled, disturbed, and haunted by their own demons but also are lovable, familiar, and recognizable to many. After all, who has never found themselves in the midst of a destructive and painful relationship where everything that could possibly go wrong, does go wrong? Will Charlene survive this experience? Will Jesse survive? Read the book and find out for yourself.” -Albina

“This story has such emotional grit. The characters are incredibly layered, yet easy to relate to. Once you start reading it’s hard to put down. This is a must read! I can’t wait for the next book.” -Amazon reader

“This book gives you flawed, honest characters and the dialogue is realistic and will make you laugh out loud. (Be careful when reading in public!) If you’ve ever been in a relationship that felt a little like an addiction, you will relate to the main characters’ attraction. As their relationship continues you can see the main characters changing and growing. You’ll root for them and become engulfed in their world.” -Angeleen

“I had the pleasure of reading this book prior to its public publication. I can honestly say that I have never read a book like this before. I know a book is written well when I can actually see what the characters look like in my head. I not only pictured Charlie, but, I could relate to her with her image and self issues while trying to get a boy to notice her for more than just a friend. I was glued to this book and couldn’t put it down. I read the book in 2 sittings. Charlie is a normal enough girl with the same insecurities that every girl feels but rarely talks about to others. You will see how Charlie finally comes to realize she deserves to be loved in the way that she loves and grows from a no-backbone girl into a self confident powerful woman who knows how to play fire with fire.

It wasn’t like every other girl likes boy, girl gets stomped on by boy, girl keeps waiting for boy. This is a must read for women of all ages.” -Jackee

“I am currently reading this book a second time! I didn’t want it to end! Thank goodness its going to be a series! Its not your typical love story at all! And I don’t read typical books. Full of intrigue and mystery between the main characters in this book. Keeps you interested throughout the whole book!” -Katie

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Paperback Proof!

Paperback is on it’s way… hopefully by next week! You know what that means? PARTY at my house this summer! Woohoo!